A Northern Visitor

The presence of a snowy owl in the area causes great excitement. Even the local news take notice. A bird in eastern Lancaster County recently created the expected onslaught of birders. I set out one Saturday to have a look as well. Note to self: don’t go looking for an owl without your “good” camera.

The bird was close to the road but not in front of the most photogenic backdrop. The online consensus is that it is a “she,” but I’m not sure how you tell juveniles from females.

On a porch roof.
Grainy close up courtesy of phone camera.
Is the bird thinking “There are so many, but are they edible?”
One of the benefits of an owl on your porch roof is that everyone can see your laundry drying.
The farm across the road.
The area is full of lovely farms.
The hay obsession continues. This is quite a pile.
Horses had clearly been using this hitching post at Hayloft Ice Cream.
The Willows Covered Bridge along busy Route 30. Probably one of the saddest covered bridges in the state.
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