Welcome to my blog dedicated to life in rural (and not so rural) Pennsylvania. I’ll be exploring the Commonwealth’s outdoor life whether on farms, in forests, in gardens, on lakes and streams,  or just about anywhere in the great outdoors. This blog will be focused on pictures, which I hope will be mostly self explanatory.

I’m a lifelong Pennsylvanian with a passion for photography, birding, camping, hunting, and fishing. I currently live in Chester County, but I also have roots in western and north central Pennsylvania. I am excited about this blog, but I promise that the title of this post will be last form of exclamation point abuse you will see on these pages. If you would like to get in touch with me, please contact me at ruralpennsylvanian@gmail.com.


All images are presented as fine art photography and editorial commentary on life in rural Pennsylvania and are subject to copyright. No commercial endorsement by people or property owners of the work depicted herein is stated or implied.