So This Isn’t Pennsylvania

This past May I took a trip to one of my favorite bird watching spots at Bombay Hook NWR near Smyrna, Delaware. It had been while since I was last there, but it is well worth the trip. Just look out for the insects in late Spring and early Summer. The refuge has a great auto tour route which is a nice feature for the disabled (or the just plain lazy). There are also plenty of opportunities to take short walks to see the varied habitats here.

I was excited as I approached this bird. It looked pink from a distance. Turns out it was just a snow goose stained reddish brown from iron compounds in the soil.

There were some shore birds present in late May.
A family of snowy egrets.
One of the many nest boxes used by tree swallows.
This Canada goose has a secret.
A great egret trying to hide from me.
Those babies were well hidden in the grass.

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