Up, Up and Away

On a beautiful October day, I stopped by the Model Airplane Field at Valley Forge National Historical Park to see if there was any action there. I frequently drive by this spot and see planes in the air on Saturday afternoons. I was treated to the sight of a number of planes in flight, including some very large ones.

The Model Airplane Field is the the flying site of the Valley Forge Signal Seekers, one of the largest and oldest model airplane clubs in the United States. Formed in 1959 with over 150 members, more information about the club can be found at www.vfss.org. The Model Airplane field is located on Valley Forge Road in the southwestern section of the park.

Photographing the planes was good practice for me. I haven’t had much opportunity to photograph birds in flight, and this trip provided me with some much needed experience in trying to shot fast moving objects. Plus, these planes really are just cool.

Getting ready for take off with a drone chaperone.
Doing some fancy maneuvers.
Flying high over the field.
Another plane comes in for a landing.
Getting ready for another go.
This is a pretty impressive set of planes.
The big yellow one comes in for a landing.
I love how this one looks like a smiley face from underneath.
It was a nice day just to sit outside.

Back to Lancaster County for Something Different

I traveled to Lancaster yesterday to pet superstore That Fish Place/That Pet Place to check out a small vendor and hobbyist swap they were hosting in conjunction with the Aquarium Club of Lancaster. It was a great event. especially if you were in the market for cichlids or plants. Alas, as I was looking for some specific types of community fish, shrimp and snails, I didn’t get anything. The store is well worth checking out, and I bought some supplies – some fish food, nitrifying bacteria supplement for a new tank and test strips. One of the coolest things in the store is this shallow ray tank:

Check out the rays and other fish. Excuse the glare and reflections.

I took route 741 across Lancaster County and saw quite few buggies and horse plow teams out on a sunny Saturday. Hopefully I can get back for some pictures soon. I also stopped at Stuaffers to pick up some catnip plants for my cat, Kona. He wouldn’t be happy if I came back empty handed.

Fall Has Finally Arrived

It looks like the much delayed Autumn color has finally arrived to Chester County this year. I just hope the season isn’t brief. Here is a sample of some of this year’s color.

A corn field seems to be on fire in Glenmoore.


It looks like this is what was growing on those stumps in the previous picture. This and another tree were next in line with the stumps but had not yet been cut.


A beautiful farm in Coventryville. I always love the star on the barn.


Another radiant fall cornfield and treetops.


Scotts Run in French Creek State Park. It’s apparently a red and orange free zone.


The barn at the Mansion at Hibernia Park.

People Before Pipelines

Along side one of the bucolic covered bridges of Columbia County, I found residents with some strong opinions about the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline. This pipeline is designed to bring natural gas from Marcellus Shale fracking operations to markets on the East Coast. Construction began in 2017.


Sorry about the car window here. Such is photography with the car running. This sign was too good and colorful not to include.