Let’s Enjoy Some Fall Foliage and a Woodland Drive

Here are some photos of a recent trip to State Game Lands 110 and 211. SGL 110 is northwest of Hamburg. This game land runs along the top of a ridgeline on Blue Mountain. The Appalachian Trail also travels through this area. The leaves were starting to change color when I was there:

I next travelled into Dauphin and Lebanon Counties to visit State Game Land 211, the home of the Stony Valley trail, a former railroad bed belonging to the Dauphin and Susquehanna Railroad. This area was formerly the site of small towns supported by mining, timbering, ice harvesting and spring water bottling. The eastern end of the trail runs along side a well-known beaver pond.

A Drive Along the Ridge

This Autumn I had an opportunity to take a drive through State Games Lands 110 in Berks and Schuylkill Counties. The auto tour provides an opportunity to explore roads not usually open to traffic along the top of the Blue Mountain ridge.

Deer, bear and turkeys are some of the wildlife you’ll find in Game Lands 110, a 10,310-acre forested area along Blue Mountain. The Appalachian Trail is located on the top of the Blue Mountain and runs the length of the game lands from Route 183 to Port Clinton. The area does provide some beautiful fall color. After a short but steep drive up the mountain, the route continued along a relatively flat road along the crest from east to west. Here are some of my shots from along the route:

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Our annual Poconos girls’ weekend occurred in July this year. On short notice, my friend was able to find a great weekly rental at Lake Naomi. I also take this time to do some exploring around the Poconos. I set out to view some lake communities I hadn’t visited before. I will leave the rest of the weekend to your imagination.

The most photogenic was the Emerald Lakes area.
Boats lined up near a swimming beach.
A nice private dock in need of a boat.
This looks like a great family day out.
A deer came out to say hello.
The clubhouse beach at Stillwater Lake has seen better days. The waterfowl have taken over.
Something different: Checking out the shooting range at State Game Lands 127.

A Buggy-Baloo

Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area in Lebanon and Lancaster Counties is great spot for bird watching or just enjoying a great day out. On my recent trip, I saw nearly 30 species of birds. I also passed dozens of horse drawn buggies on the way there and back. In one parking lot, I came across the following interesting sight:

Parking Overflow …
I see you.
Enjoying some rest and fresh grass.
The back end of these horses.
The front end these buggies.
Brilliant Spring wildflowers.

Annual Poconos Weekend

Every year a good friend rents a house at Lake Naomi and a few of us girls go up for a weekend. Here are a some shots from the most recent trip.

Bradys Lake in State Game Lands 127 in Monroe County is a hidden gem – a publicly accessible lake among sea of private development.

Bradys Lake, wide view from dam.

Like most of Pennsylvania’s lake, Bradys Lake is formed by a dam.

On to Lake Naomi, a very pretty private lake community in Pocono Pines.

A rainy Saturday afternoon at North Beach, Lake Naomi.

The black-eyed susans at Robert Christians Restaurant in Pocono Lake.

A doe with her fawn at Lake Harmony, Carbon County.

Time for the Night Sky

I took advantage of a rare clear Saturday night with a late rising moon to do a little stargazing at the gun range in State Game Lands 43 in Elverson, PA. It was a very pleasant evening and I had some company of other stargazers and photographers. This was mostly a scouting trip for this location. I had binoculars with me. I also experimented with a few photos, although I had not originally planned taking pictures. Four planets were visible that night – Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. The sky there is a bit of an improvement over home. I guess I will have to drag my telescope and tripod out of storage next time.

Venus setting in the west over the tops of the trees.

Jupiter higher over the treeline.

A faint picture of the Big Dipper. I am just learning night sky photography and am amazed this came out at all. Open a larger image in a new tab to see this better.