Sherman’s Valley: A Hidden Gem

Nestled between the mountain ridges in Perry County is Sherman’s Valley. The valley is traversed by Route 274, with its heart in Blain, PA. I came here in search of a couple of covered bridges on Sherman Creek. The narrow valley feels remote due to its situation between two ridge lines. However, it is not to far from Carlisle and Harrisburg.

It was, unfortunately, quite a gloomy morning when I was there. Here is a sampling of what I saw (and, or course, those covered bridges):

Farm house across the road – like my grandparent’s former farm.
The Mount Pleasant Covered Bridge.
Sherman Creek
The New Germantown Covered Bridge
I see these stars all over the place on homes and barns. This one has a twist with the flag motif.
Great red color on this barn.
Nestled against the backdrop of mountains.
I love how this house has been built around a log structure.
Another great red barn.

Fall in Valley Forge

Although it seems that fall color was late to arrive and short lived, Valley Forge National Historical Park has non the less supplied some nice views. Here is a sampling from a recent visit.

Knox Covered Bridge, Tredyffrin Township, Chester County.


Another view of the Knox Covered Bridge.


View of General Knox’s Quarters from the Philander C. Knox Estate.


Recently baled hay near the Knox estate.


Historic pony truss bridge on Wilson Road over Valley Creek.


Lafayette’s Headquarters, later used as a farmhouse and inn. Interesting to see three sections from different time periods.


View of the hillside from the model airplane field at Valley Forge.

The Bridges of Columbia County

Pennsylvania has 219 covered bridges, the most of any state in the US. The bridges were covered to protect the wooden structural supports and allow them to last longer. The also provided shelter for pedestrians and vehicles in bad weather. Columbia County has one of the largest concentrations of covered bridges in Pennsylvania. I photographed some of them on a recent trip.


The Rupert covered bridge. I like the juxtaposition of the train line and the old covered bridge.


A marked bike trail crosses the bridge.


I love the bridges with windows.


The train bridge adjacent to the Rupert covered bridge.


The Wanich covered bridge.


The Creasyville covered bridge.


The Patterson covered bridge with some detail.