A Little Bit of This and That

Sometimes you just encounter some fun or interesting stuff while out with your camera.

I believe this is a horse-drawn plow.
The White Rock Forge Covered Bridge
Right next door is …
You can’t make this stuff up. I wonder what the origin of the name is. Does the groundhog sleep in on February 2?
Amish schoolhouse
a really cool looking small shed
I loved the shrub in front of this home.

Back to Lancaster County for Something Different

I traveled to Lancaster yesterday to pet superstore That Fish Place/That Pet Place to check out a small vendor and hobbyist swap they were hosting in conjunction with the Aquarium Club of Lancaster. It was a great event. especially if you were in the market for cichlids or plants. Alas, as I was looking for some specific types of community fish, shrimp and snails, I didn’t get anything. The store is well worth checking out, and I bought some supplies – some fish food, nitrifying bacteria supplement for a new tank and test strips. One of the coolest things in the store is this shallow ray tank:

Check out the rays and other fish. Excuse the glare and reflections.

I took route 741 across Lancaster County and saw quite few buggies and horse plow teams out on a sunny Saturday. Hopefully I can get back for some pictures soon. I also stopped at Stuaffers to pick up some catnip plants for my cat, Kona. He wouldn’t be happy if I came back empty handed.

Mascot Roller Mills and Around

Mascot Roller Mills in eastern Lancaster County is well worth a stop if you are in the area.  The site of the well preserved water-powered grain mill welcomes visitors. More information can be found at resslermill.com.  The William J. Morton Bird Sanctuary is adjacent to mill.

Mascot Roller Mills – the original mill on this site dated from the 1730s.


The Ressler family home adjacent to the mill.


The Summer Kitchen next to the Ressler home.


The Groff Store-House across the street from the Mill. Once a local gathering place and store, it now serves as the offices and meeting place for the Ressler Mill Foundation.

Elsewhere in Lancaster County, fall colors are on display …


The horses were enjoying the sunny day.


An Amish farm.

Nearby Lancaster County

Here are some standard pretty, and some quirky, farm shots from eastern Lancaster County.

I loved the blue silos on this farm.

This makes me wonder exactly who, or what, is the “Amish mafia.”

For some reason this roadside sign really caught my attention, although these types of signs are pretty common in the area.

And finally, we have a wide view of a baseball field next to a farm.