Gettysburg on Memorial Day

Memorial Day brought me to Gettysburg National Military Park on my way home from the Cumberland Valley. I had been here a few times when I was young, but it’s been a while since I was there. In additional to being educational and preserving this country’s history, the park is a lovely place for a walk or bike ride. As I am not an expert on military history, I will share some of the views and monuments that I particularly liked, with particular emphasis on farms.


A cannon on Confederate Avenue.
The State of Louisiana Monument – one of the most imposing.
Part of the Snyder Farm.
Irish Brigade Monument, 63rd, 69th and 88th New York Infantry 14th New York Independent Battery.
A view of the Slyder farm.
The Codori farm.
The Abraham Trostle Farm.
More of the Trostle farm.
A distant view.
The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Memorial.
The Jacob Hummelbaugh farm.
… with some adjacent cannon …

Columbia County Beyond the Covered Bridges

Although Columbia County likes to tout their 23 covered bridges, it has much to offer the visitor.


The countryside near the Creasyville covered bridge. Note the pumpkins on the hillside.


Merry October. Christmas trees “on the hoof.”


This clever sculpture immediately caught my eye.


Cattle grazing near my family’s farm.


The side entrance to my grandparent’s old farmhouse. This is door people used most often.


The graveyard down the road from the house my grandparents built after they sold the farm. It’s small patch surrounded by fields. No church in sight. My brother, cousin and I used to walk up here often as kids.