A Festival of {Fire} and Ice

I recently discovered the Lititz Fire and Ice Festival, although it is now in its 15th year. This year’s festival was held February 14 and 15. Of course, I had to check it out. It is called the Fire and Ice festival because it features ice sculptures on downtown Lititz, Pennsylvania streets and a live pyrotechnics show. The local high school also hosts a carnival and chili cook off. There is live music as well at two locations and a variety of vendors and food trucks. The festival is mostly free, except for a $1 donation per person for the pyrotechnic show and suggested donation for parking.

There were over 70 ice sculptures this year. Once carved, the ice sculptures are at the mercy of Mother Nature. However, due to the cold weather, they held up very well. The festival is well attended, but the crowds aren’t crazy. Photographing those ice sculptures may be a challenge. Lititz is a lovely town and well worth a visit any time of year if you prefer a less crowded scene. Festival information can be found at http://lititzfireandice.com.

This dog was the most popular festival goer.
This says it all – fun, ice sculptures and chocolate.
A lot of the ice sculptures allowed you get into the action.
Yet another elf.
I really thought this bench made from the tailgate of a Chevy truck was cool.
Who loves Mexican?
Photographing this one was a challenge.
The Visitor’s Center and an historic train caboose.
The entry to Lititz Springs Park with the former Wilbur Chocolate plant in the rear.
This is just adorable.
Nearly York entertains the crowd.

A few more ice sculptures for good measure.

Amereican Flag Heart
I feel like I should recognize this character but don’t.

You will notice a lack of “fire” in this post. Due to the very long line, cold weather, and the fact that I was tired, I did not get to see the pyrotechnic show. Maybe I will next year. Basically, I am a wimp.

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